A Message from the President

Mary Ellen Mazey Ph.D.

For more than 100 years, Bowling Green State University has focused on providing a quality student experience that changes lives and careers. Within our supportive campus community, faculty and staff make BGSU a special place for our students and our outstanding alumni.

As a public university, BGSU embraces its responsibility to advance society through education. With quality academic programming, robust opportunities for research and service, and a focus on providing students with connections and experiences that translate to success, the University changes lives. A continued emphasis on access, excellence and value has provided a pathway for students and alumni to make a difference in the state, the nation, and the world.

Evidence of our success is also found in national rankings such as the 2016 U.S. News and World Report, which names BGSU a tier-one national university, and from The Economist which ranks the University first among public universities in Ohio for boosting former students’ earnings 10 years after college.

Mary Ellen Mazey, PH.D.

President BGSU

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1. Education Translates to Impact

The World Needs College-Educated Individuals

Education is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a person. It opens doors. It inspires innovation. It enriches society. The influence of education is not only felt by an individual; entire communities are changed by enlightened citizens. And, ultimately, our world is a better place when people are able to think and contribute at the highest level, providing insight to overcome the greatest challenges of the modern world.

Because the world needs teachers and thinkers. Entrepreneurs and creators. Leaders and visionaries. Risk takers and dreamers. Our world is a better place because BGSU has given opportunities to such a wide range of students. Equipping them with skills to not only get jobs, but to make a real impact. Real change. Some who are the first in their family to attend college. Some who couldn’t have otherwise afforded the cost. Some who needed to find a place that would help them adjust and get plugged in. To not just give them a degree. But to give them an education. And they in turn serve the world.

2. Uniquely Positioned.
Serving the World.

BGSU Is A Public Resource Uniquely Positioned To Provide Quality Higher Education

Public institutions are a valuable resource. They educate about 70 percent of the college students in this country, award 60 percent of the Ph.D.s, and conduct more than 60 percent of federally funded research. Public higher education is one of our greatest national achievements. As our world becomes more competitive, complex and technical, education will play a crucial role in the success of our nation and the lives of its citizens.

BG draws learners from all around the world, and is also well-known for serving the students of our region. The University offers opportunities to people from larger cities like Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago, but is still very accessible for students who come from small rural communities across the state. Partnerships with companies such as Cedar Fair Properties allow BGSU to share our knowledge and resources with citizens throughout the state in a collaborative effort to change lives and communities.

National Recognition

Bowling Green State University is paving the way for education in the region. Evidence of our success is also found in national rankings such as the 2016 U.S. News and World Report, which names BGSU a tier-one national university, and from The Economist which ranks the University first among public universities in Ohio for boosting former students’ earnings 10 years after college.

Bowling Green State University has joined an elite selection of national universities with the Carnegie Foundation’s 2015 Community Engagement Classification. Reserved for universities with noteworthy community engagement, the designation is a meaningful affirmation of the University’s value and progress.

BGSU also provides exceptional value with the lowest total educational costs among all universities in Ohio, according to the U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center.

Antonio Smith

BGSU '12

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Educating First-Generation College Students

Twenty-three percent of students that set foot on campus at BGSU are the first in their family to attend college. The University is committed to remain welcoming to families that might be overwhelmed or otherwise intimidated by the prospect of seeing their son or daughter head off to college.

Social Mobility

When it comes to helping students graduate and start a career with solid financial footing, BGSU is tops in Ohio and one of the best in the nation.

CollegeNet, a higher-education technology company, and Payscale, a compensation-data firm, ranked BGSU first in Ohio on its new Social Mobility Index. The rankings are meant to highlight schools that do the best job of helping disadvantaged students graduate without unmanageable debt.

Linda Davis-Watters

BGSU '86

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Engaged Faculty

BGSU’s faculty are nationally recognized for faculty-student mentoring, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement. BGSU offers an environment and an educational approach that is highly personal. The faculty and staff truly care. Because the things that happen in the margins – the meaningful conversations, the friendships – these are the things that make this place special. Time and time again, students at BGSU have transformative experiences that enable them to grow, broaden their horizons, and find career success.

Dr. Susan Brown

BGSU Professor

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Programs that Matter

Tremendous things are happening at BGSU. Students can choose from high quality programs in a range of relevant areas. From unique degree options in the College of Education and Human Development that are preparing the next generation of school teachers. To opportunities for cutting-edge research in biological sciences into the health of Lake Erie or discoveries in health and energy in photochemical sciences. To new types of classroom environments that are nurturing and cultivating creativity in the minds of future business leaders. Or top programs in communications and the sciences. To a vibrant art community, woven through an entire corridor of campus, where students are given opportunities to shine across multiple disciplines. BGSU is advancing the public good with public education.

Quality Academic Programming

At the heart of Bowling Green State University is quality academic programming. As a public university, our efforts to move knowledge forward have resulted in continued excellence and achievement in areas such as the arts, business, education, health and wellness, and the environment and sustainability. Emerging opportunities in fields such as data sciences, forensic sciences, and media and communication further our efforts to provide academic resources that advance society.

New partnerships are being forged that will allow our programs to not only be cutting edge now, but in ways that are sustainable and efficient. Working with North Star Aviation, BGSU is one of only two universities in the United States to have an airport on campus. A partnership with Ohio’s Attorney General has allowed for the construction of a new Bureau of Criminal Investigation on campus that serves as the catalyst for new forensic sciences studies.


Real world experience is not an afterthought at BGSU. Many programs require internships for their majors. BGSU offers the Falcon Internship Guarantee that is the first of its kind in Ohio aimed at helping students find and successfully transition into a professional working environment.

Maddi Georgoff

BGSU '15

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Students at BGSU are given opportunities to lead through helping. From service-learning courses to alternative spring break trips, men and women are living and learning what it truly means to be a global citizen.

Student participation levels in service-learning at BGSU are among the highest of any university in the United States, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement.

3. Investing in the Future

Our Priorities

BGSU’s successful journey from its founding as a teacher’s college in 1910 to a leading, nationally recognized public university is to be applauded. We now have the opportunity to shape the future of higher education as the next generation of teachers and thinkers, entrepreneurs and creators, leaders and visionaries, risk takers and dreamers looks to BGSU for an education that transforms lives. To realize this vision, a significant investment in BGSU is needed at this critical moment.

  • Scholarships

    1,000 New Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships Endowed and Non Endowed

    From the start, Bowling Green State University has changed lives for students from all walks of life. BGSU is committed to maintaining a heritage of excellence, access and affordability. However, in the face of changing student demographics, declining family incomes, and strained state budgets, private support is paramount. To meet a clearly escalating need — both in the number of students served and the amount of support needed — private support is needed for:

    • Merit Scholarships
    • Gap Scholarships
    • Athletic Scholarships
    • Graduate Fellowships
  • Named Professorships, Chairs, Coaches and Leadership Positions

    80 New Named Positions
    Investments of $300,000 - $2 Million

    Time and again, students from Bowling Green State University talk about faculty who change lives – dedicated and passionate teachers who inspire and mentor their students in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has designated BGSU as a curricularly engaged university. The faculty at BGSU also are leaders in research and discovery. The Department of Sociology’s graduate program was recently ranked among the top 20 in the nation for research productivity by the National Research Council. Faculty in chemistry, mathematics and statistics, and bioinformatics are creating tools that will enable biomedical researchers to use new knowledge for drug development and gene therapy with a $1.3 million National Institutes of Health grant.

    However, faculty and other campus leaders of this caliber have many positions to choose from at state and private universities as well as leading business and government organizations. Private support is the key to attracting and retaining the best and brightest with:

    • Endowed Professorships and Chairs
    • Endowed Coaching and Leadership Positions
    • Endowed Visiting Lecturers and Series
  • Campus Master Plan

    Spaces that Inspire

    Another critical component to a robust Bowling Green State University community is continual improvement to the physical campus. The quality of academic, research, athletic and recreational facilities sets the tone for what is important and requires ongoing capital investments that surpass the resources the state of Ohio can provide. Private support will provide the measure of difference for the University’s campus master plan, which features key areas:

    • College of Business Administration Building
    • Media and Communication Facilities in South Hall
    • Enhanced Academic and Student Services Buildings
    • Stadium Renovation and Enhanced Athletics Venues
  • Named Colleges, Schools and Programs

    Investments of Varying Amounts

    A culture of academic excellence is vital to Bowling Green State University’s continued success. Currently, 29 programs hold the highest level of specialized accreditation from the appropriate accrediting bodies. The Ohio Board of Regents has recognized three centers of excellence at BGSU: “Developing Effective Businesses and Organizations, “Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan,” and “Sustainability and the Environment.” The University also has the world’s only doctoral program in photochemical sciences and is one of the few campuses where students can earn a doctorate in contemporary music.

    Private support is necessary to strengthen academic programs across disciplines while providing resources in emerging fields.

    • Named Colleges
    • Named Schools
    • Named Programs

4. BGSU Needs You

A Message from the Campaign Committee

Dear Friends,

We now ask all members of the BGSU family to support our great university as we begin the largest comprehensive campaign in history. There will be Falcons who support us for the first time and others who have faithfully stood behind us for decades. What will be most important is that every member of the Falcon Family supports this campaign with time, treasure or talent. We ask that you join us in this capital campaign as we prepare the next generation of teachers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, healers, heroes, risk takers and dreamers. Together, we can set BGSU’s future for the next 100 years.

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Campaign Fundraising Priorities

Scholarships $50 million
1,000 new scholarships and graduate fellowships
Endowed and non-endowed
In support of Strategic Plan goals 1, 2, 4 and 6
Named Professors, Chairs, Coaches and Leadership Positions $26 million
80 new named positions (chairs, professorships, coaches and directors)
Investments of $300,000 - $2 million
In support of Strategic Plan goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Campus Master Plan $74 million
College of Business Administration building $25 million
Student Rec Center $5 million
South Hall $6 million
Moseley Hall $3 million
Stadium $20 million
Firelands Allied Health and Sciences building $5 million
Career Center $1 million
Health and Human Services building $5 million
Greek Village $3 million
Library Learning Commons $1 million
In support of Strategic Plan goals 6 and 7
Named Colleges, Schools and Programs $25 million
Investments of varying amounts
In support of Strategic Plan goals 6 and 7
Other Program and Unit Support, and Annual Giving $25 million
Investments of varying amounts
In support of Strategic Plan goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Total $200 million